Thanks for stopping by. I'm in the middle of reorganizing my site and trying a few new things. There will be changes from time to time. I'm no web designer, so with that in mind, I hope you will enjoy your visit. I hope you like the changes and additions, if you are a frequent visitor or if you are new to this site, tell your friends and associates about me.

Oh, yeah..... I freelance.

You can see some of the examples of my sculptural work in the Sculpture Gallery. I've been concentraiting on my sculpting recently, and finally have posted some of the kit prototypes I've wanted to show for the last year. Many images in the Illustration Gallery are quite dated, but still are fun to look at. Please consider, I started with digital art when it was very new and the software was just beginning to explore the possibilities. From time to time, I'm asked about how I make the armatures for my figure sculptures and how to do this or that, so I will be adding Tutorials as I have time. I've already got a couple half done (pics of the process) and have to sit down and write an explaination of the steps. I want to add a Work In Progress section as well, although I must keep many projects hush-hush until the client is ready to show them off.

So... have a look around. If there is anything that I can sculpt for you, at a modest fee, drop me an e-mail. I'm located in south-central Wisconsin.